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Our romantic trip - Paris

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Paris is the most romantic place and has stunning views from the top of the city. It has the best monument in the European country

  • Currency :1 EURO is equivalent to 88 Indian Rupee

  • Best time to travel : April to May

Day 1


Disney land is famous for adventurous ride and their infrastructure. The beauty of Disneys gorgeous castle

  • Timings : From 12am to 12pm

  • Duration : Two days

  • Two parks tickets : EURO 239 (Converted INR 16,500 , USD 250)

  • Location: Euro Disney Resort

Must do rides in Disney land theme park


My experience in big thunder mountain is mysterious train ride. It will first move from heights and has sudden deep cuts left and again moves in right and shake the train so hard to make us enjoy the ride. Then climb through the ghostly mining town and pass beneath  the river . Then passes through the  cave and explore the  canyon. Its really an thrilling ride that no one can ever imagine . Fast pass is available for this ride and you can skip the line

  • Age limit : Teens , adult

  • Duration : 3 minutes


My experience in Indiana Jones is an roller coaster mix of adventurous ride . On board you should  sit tight because it will move upside down . Exotic car will climb the temples staircase to the lost temples of peril entrance and further moves to the temples surface and suddenly drops from temples heights to the mining town. On point of time the car goes out fo control and you will move upside down and slightly tilting for about one second. Its really an thrilling experience for me Fast pass is available for this ride and you can skip the line

  • Age limit : Teens, adults

  • Duration : 2 minutes


My experience in pirates of the Caribbean is entertaining ride . The boat move through the water falls and guest will get splashed water will explore skeleton that scare us and then the boat will move through the dark tunnel to chase the girl in upside window. This ride are recommended for family . Fast pass is not available kindly you should prioritise this ride first

  • Age limit : Teens, adults

  • Duration : 16 minutes

Day 2


Walt Disney studio is beauty of Mickey Mouse theme . Its has beautiful infrastructure . It also has many places for the travellers to take pictures

  • Timings : From 12am to 12pm

  • Duration : One day

  • Location: Euro Disney resort


My experience in toy soldiers parachute drop is an entertaining ride. Its in green colour umbrella shaped for the guests. On board you should sit tight and hold your grip . Then the parachute drops from sudden heights to the down and then drop us further down . Its really an fun filled ride 

  • Age limit : Recommended for All ages

  • Duration : 4 minutes


Crush coaster is spinning roller coaster ride with finding Nemo theme . On board you should sit tight and hold your grip safely as it will dive into a ocean to the deepest depths . Where your surrounded by beautiful glow fish , jellyfish and sharks . You will spiral there along with the fishes . Its really an incredible journey with lots of fun and entertainment around us

  • Age limit : Teens , adults

  • Duration : 2 minutes


Initially for the five minutes they will explain what the ride is about in a big television . Then the small girl haunt us with some scary faces . You will sit in elevator in boiler room where the elevator move in the direction of dark haunting house. There you will see the most scariest creatures that suddenly drops the elevator down from top to thirteen floor . The only thing you can do is hold tight and sit without screaming because when you scream the ghost become more powerful and scare us even more . It’s really a more haunting experience for me and they fear to death. Fast pass is available for this ride and you can skip the line

  • Age limit : Teens , adults

  • Duration : 4 minutes


  • Before booking for Disney land . Please check in the online if there is any special discount available 

  • Avoid taking pregnant ladies along with you

  • Please keep the tickets carefully . If you lost a particular ride ticket then you will not be permitted to take that ride

Day 3


The Eiffel Tower has three floors which is first ,second and summit. One can reach the top of the tower either by climbing staircase or lift . The Effiel Tower top view is just stunning . We were  accompanied by our guide so he was explaining about the tower elevations . You can see all other monuments from top of the tower.Its a nice chance for us to take a pictures covering all other monuments . The tower sparkle for a whole ten minutes in the every evening with golden colour which is the main highlight of that tower. Its really a breathtaking view in my whole life Really don't miss out on this

  • Timings : From 9am to 11pm

  • Duration : 2 hours

  • Price for summit (Get your guide) : EURO 138 per person (Converted INR 10,500 per person , USD 140 per person) along with guide

  • Age limit : Ideal for couple

  • Location: Champ de mars


My experience in louvre museum is amazing . Its a beautiful museum in the world. They have fantabulous arts and paintings which is all unique. You need to explore in all rooms very patiently to find different types of arts . If your a lover of paintings then you will definitely enjoy this museum

  • Timings : From 9am to 6pm

  • Duration : 3 hours

  • Price : EUR 15 per person (Converted INR 1200 per person , USD 17 per person)

  • Age limit : Ideal for couple

  • Location: Rue de Rivoli


Please don't miss the famous hot chocolate near the museum


My experience in notre dame is best monument in Paris . The main highlight of the monument is rose window which is pointing circles in that church. One can see a panoramic view from top of the monument which is beauty of the city

  • Timings: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.45pm , on weekends from 8.00 am to 7.45 pm Duration : 4 hours

  • Price : EURO 44 per person (Converted INR 3200 per person , USD 50 per person)

  • Age limit : Ideal for couple

  • Location: Du Parvis Notre dame


  • In Paris you need to stay alert and beware of pickpockets

  • Notre Dame is church so strict rules should be followed in dress code


Croissant is bread and is very delicious with creamy butter and almond paste . It is very famous breakfast food in most of the European countries

  • Timings : All day from 11am to 12pm

  • Price: EURO 5 per piece (Converted INR 400 per piece, USD 6 per piece)

  • Location : La Maison pichard 88 Rue Cambronne, 75015 Paris, France


  • Train ticket : EURO 88,5 per person (Converted INR 7080 per person , USD 93 per person for round trips)

  • Our stay at: Libertel Gare de Lest Francais hotel ,13 Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 75010 Paris, France

  • Resort price for three days : EURO 300 (Converted INR 24,000 ,USD 350)

  • Three days price for tourist attraction spent : EURO 436 (Converted INR 35,300 USD 500)

  • Total budget for trip : EURO 824,5 per person (Converted INR 66,774 per person ,USD 940 per person )

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